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By: Daniel McRae

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He started off, and Sarah struggled

To keep up. All at once, the wind was rising. Gathering speed, it howled like a living thing in the treetops.

Sarah cast a nervous glance heavenward, and in the same instant the http://www.milaci.ro natural gloom of the forest disappeared in a blinding flash of blue-white light. A sizzling crack sounded a dozen yards to the right of the path, followed by the sound of splintering wood. Kingston lunged to the left, dragging Sarah with him. A hail of broken branches struck the earth all around them. Another flash of lightning, a deafening boom that seemed to split the heavens open wide, and the rain fell in a torrent.

It pelted Sarah as they apartamente ran, cold and stinging sheets that drenched her hair and coursed in thin runnels into her eyes. It sluiced down the boles of trees, pelting the ground with hail that gathered in icy pools on the ground.
It came so quickly , and with such force, that within minutes the creeks which cut through the marsh surged swollen and brown.Sarah had never seen anything like it. It was as if a strange and unseen force had unleashed its pent-up wrath upon the land, and she and Kingston were caught directly in its path.

He’d mentioned a shelter moments ago, but there was no end to the ocean of trees, no safe place to wait out the storm.Another sizzle and crack, a burst of blue-white light. The deluge strengthened; the smaller of two creeks edged toward its banks. We must find higher ground! Kingston shouted above the roar of the wind. They reached a place where two small streams converged into imobiliare one wide and swirling mass. A few feet above the water was an Indian bridge, a log which had been wedged into the forks of two trees to form a narrow, makeshift walkway.

Kingston leapt onto the log, then turned to help her, but Sarah shook her head. There is nothing to fear, Madame. Take my hand. I will help you.Sarah shook her head again. I cannot!
You must! he shouted. The water is rising fast! Executing a graceful turn on the surface of the log, Kingston grasped Sarah under the arms and lifted her onto the bridge.
Sarah crouched there, terrified, her gaze drawn to the swift, muddy flow. With a softly uttered imprecation, Kingston reached out, cupping her chin in his palm. Do not look down! Keep your eyes on me! Think of your betrothed, of the children with whom you will work. Think of the future that awaits you on the other side, and follow me, eh?


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